A Foundation for Revival

Once made King, David proceeds to move the Ark back to Jerusalem. After the death of Uzzah, David finds a great respect for the law of God and the importance of following and doing things as God prescribes.
David, heart to see worship and praise 24/7 is expressed here. He finally gets the Ark to Jerusalem and sets up skilled musicians, singers and gatekeepers to minister. The greater reality here is that he is prophetically looking ahead to what is to take place in the New Jerusalem we see in Revelation.
It’s important to note how David organized and planned and funded this worship and prayer movement. He did not do it primarily for his own personal renewal or regional revival. He did it to declare God’s worth. He did it out of a zeal for the Name of the Lord to be declared 24/7. It wasn’t a means to and end but rather it is an end in itself.

I believe Jesus is looking for a people who will love Him that much. The end result is not how I will benefit (though i do), but rather for a corporate expression on the earth for His glory and worth to be declared.


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